Past events

17 October 2018 BODEGA participated to the eu-LISA and Frontex joint conference "EU Borders – Getting Smarter Through Technology”. BODEGA presented its organisational and human factors vision of "smart borders" in the context of a session themed "Future outlook”
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Tallinn, Estonia
25 September 2018 VTT participated to the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) Research Project Conference 2018 Darmstadt, Germany
23 August 2018 RAJA attended a meeting organised in the context of Frontex’s Interoperability Assessment Programme Turku, Finland
26-29 June 2018 VTT and AIT participated to the 2018 edition of the European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC), where they presented two different papers based on BODEGA’s research findings The Premier European Conference on Counterterrorism and Criminology London, UK
28 June 2018 The BODEGA project was represented at the FLYSEC Final Event and EU security research projects cluster meeting The BODEGA project results has been presented Brussels, Belgium
25-27 June 2018 2nd BODEGA Project Showcase - SDW Conference and Exhibition 2018 The BODEGA project participated to the SDW Conference and Exhibition 2018. The consortium presented project results during a dedicated session of the SDW Conference (June 25th) as well as during two public seminars organised within the context of the SDW Exhibition (June 26th). A BODEGA stand has been set up at the SDW Exhibition throughout its entire duration (June 26th-27th) QEII Centre, London, UK
25-26 May 2018 12th International Scientific Conference SIE2017 Raja participated in the 12th International Scientific Conference "Society, Integration, Education" at the Faculty of Education, Languages and Design of Rezekne Academy of Technologies Rezekne, Latvia
19-21 April 2018 BODEGA co-working days on the road. This was the first team work session of our current BODEGA work while crossing the Russian border. It was a good opportunity to have some interesting information about the Russian road Border St Petersburg, Russia
16-19 April 2018 Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA 2018) A digital era for transport. Solutions for society, economy and environment Vienna, Austria
19-23 March 2018 Date 18 Design, automation and test in Europe, the European event for electronic design system and test Dresden, Germany
6-7 February 2018 21st European Police Congress Invitation for AIT on booth of Company “Anyline”, together with IBM for showcasing novel user interfacing and ergonomic form of a mobile Device for Border guards. Visits of delegations of Austrian and German Police and Border guards Berlin, Germany
15 December 2017 BODEGA eGates field studies conducted at border-crossing points in Belgium, Finland and Greece in 2017 The BODEGA team had the opportunity to conduct field studies at border-crossing points with e-Gates in Finland, Belgium and Greece. During these field studies, around 58 interviews with border guards, including managers and trainers, were performed, together with observations with regards to the behaviour of border guards as well as travellers.
7-8 December 2017 BODEGA - Workshop on Future Border Control - Toward Smart Human / Machine Task Allocation CEIS organised a workshop entitled “Future Border Control - Towards Smart Human / Machine Task Allocation”. This event was held in the framework of the European H2020 Security project BODEGA.15 European Border Management practitioners from national authorities and experts of 9 different Member States attended this event. Europol, The European Passenger Federation and the Eurosint Forum were represented. During this event, VTT started the day by summarizing the key objectives of the BODEGA project. CEIS then presented a matrix, describing the respective strengths and weaknesses of humans and machines in the completion of Border Management tasks. Paris, France
27-28 November 2017 UNECE Working Party on Railway Transport UIC participated to a Working Party on Railway Transport organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Geneva, Switzerland. During the event, members of UIC’s security division had the opportunity to present the organisation’s activities to 50 government representatives in charge of in-land transports and members of other international transport organisations. Geneva, Switzerland
16 November 2017 COLPOFER 67th General Assembly UIC participated to the 67th General Assembly of COLPOFER. COLPOFER is an international organisation dedicated to promoting collaboration between railway companies and railway police forces. Within the context of the event, UIC presented its recent activities, including the latest progress in BODEGA-related research, to 35 security managers from different railway organisations operating across Europe. Vienna, Austria
14-15 November 2017 Security Research, Innovation and Education Event (SRIEE) 2017 VTT attended the Security Research, Innovation and Education Event (SRIEE) 2017. The event comprised a Security Research Conference (SRC) and an exhibitors’ area, where VTT set up a stand dedicated to one of his research projects. The stand was used for distributing BODEGA-related flyers and share with participants other information about the project. The SRIEE 2017 was organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Estonian Academy of the Security Sciences (EASS) and the Estonian Ministry of the Interior. Tallinn, Estonia
26 October 2017 24th UITP Security Commission Meeting Representatives of UIC’s security division presented the status of ongoing security research projects in which UIC is involved within the context of a meeting of the International Association of Public Transport’s (UITP) security commission, attended by 35 transport security managers. Prague, Czech Republic
26 October 2017 International Conference on Applied Psychology and Educational sciences UIC attended the 7th International Conference on Applied Psychology and Educational Sciences, organised by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” of the University of Iasi. During the conference, which was attended by 120 between scholars, researchers and students of applied psychology and educational sciences, UIC mentioned BODEGA within the context of a presentation titled ’Applying Psychology to Make Railway Transport Safer and More Secure’ Iasi, Romania
17-18 October 2017 Eu-LISA Annual Conference2017 CEIS participated to eu-LISA’s 4th Annual Conference, themed ’Going Digital for a Safe and Secure Europe’. The conference was attended by 180 border management professionals. Participation to the event was leveraged by CEIS for presenting BODEGA during breaks and invite new participants to the project’s end-users workshops Tallinn, Estonia
18 September 2017 EAB Research Project Conference (EAB-RPC) VTT participated to the 4th edition of the EAB Research Projects Conference, organised by the European Association for Biometrics in cooperation with the Joint Research Center (DG-JRC) of the EC, and Fraunhofer IGD. The event involved researchers from several EU-funded research projects, including BODEGA. During the conference, VTT offered an update on the status of BODEGA to participants ranging from border control end-users and policy makers to managers of large IT-systems and industry representatives Darmstadt, Germany
12 July 2017 EAB Biometrics in Aviation seminar VTT participated to a seminar organised by the European Association for Biometrics (EAB), in collaboration with IATA. During the seminar, VTT delivered a presentation focusing on current practice and vulnerabilities of Automated Border Control (ABC) in Europe. The event was attended by representatives of the aviation industry, including airports, airlines, government and industry. Lisbon, Portugal
From 17 to 21 July 2017 AHFE conference 8th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and ergonomics - A BODEGA presentation has been given on "Human Factors approach to study border control automation impacts and needs: methodology and preliminary results of field studies" BODEGA presentation made during the conference Los Angeles, California
7 June 2017 Test of the card game Event with Border guards - Test of the card game for enhancing travellers’ cooperation Pielisen Museo of Lieska, Finland
18-19 May 2017 Joint Exploitation Event TCS, VTT and Z&P took part in a joint exploitation event with representatives of four other EC-funded research projects in the border control domain (ACXIS, C-BORD, CORE and SOURCE). The event benefited from the support of the EC’s ’Exploitation Booster’ service. The event gave each project the opportunity to present technology-focused research results to 80 potential end users, including members of custom agencies and representatives of the European Commission. BODEGA consortium members contributed to the event by delivering three business pitch presentations focused on the following results of BODEGA:

Paris, France
2-5 May 2017 Joint Showcase Event of ABC4EU and BODEGA-projects The event provided an opportunity to expand the end-user community of the BODEGA and ABC4EU research projects while contributing to the dissemination, discussion and validation of their results. While the aim of BODEGA is to enhance efficiency, security and traveller experience of the border control process taking into account human factors and ethical aspects, ABC4EU1 (Automated Border Control Gates for Europe) aims to harmonise border control technology in accordance with Smart Borders legislation Levi, Lapland
18-19 January 2017 BODEGA End-users Workshop 3: Digital transformation in Border Control - Impact on Border Guards’ Work & training 18 European Border Management practitioners stemming from national authorities of 7 different Member States attended this event. Frontex - the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, the United States Department of Homeland Security and the World Customs Organisation were represented as well. On this occasion CEIS, VTT and UIC presented some of the results of the research conducted within the BODEGA project and representatives from Frontex, the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Royal Netherlands Maréchaussée presented their views on the impact of Digital Transformation within their respective organisations. Madrid, Spain
4-7 October 2016 BODEGA Air, Maritime and Road Field studies in Greece. Observations and interviews has been conducted in different border crossing points with top managers, managers, trainers and border guards thanks to the cooperation of KEMEA. Greece
26-29 September 2016 BODEGA Rail and Road Field studies in Poland. Observations and interviews has been conducted in different border crossing points with top managers, managers and border guards thanks to the cooperation of the Polish Straz Graniczna. Poland
August 2016 BODEGA Field studies in Finland. Manager and border guard interviews were conducted at different border crossing points (airport, rail and road borders) and at the Border and Coast Guard Academy thanks to the cooperation of Finnish Border Guards. Observations and surveys were conducted at Helsinki airport on the use of Automated Border Control (ABC) by travellers and border guards. Helsinki, Finland
29 June 2016 BODEGA End-users Workshop 2: Human requirements for future Smart Borders. This workshop focusing on the consequences of the digitalisation of border control processes gathered eighteen border control professionals from different relevant Member States’ services – police, customs, border guard agencies – representing 12 European countries. The European agency FRONTEX was also in attendance. Brussels, Belgium
21st-22nd June 2016 BODEGA field studies carried out at Rome Fiumicino Airport The two-day event was organised by Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) and saw the participation of a delegation from the BODEGA consortium alongside representatives of Polizia di Frontiera. The first day of the field studies was dedicated to a visit of the airport’s customs control area. On the second day, the BODEGA team visited the border control area, where researchers focused their observations on the airport’s Automated Border Control and video-surveillance systems, and interviewed border guards involved in 1st and 2nd line checks. Fiumicino, Rome
29 May-2 June 2016 11th World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) BODEGA project presentation by UIC Milan, Italy
19 April 2016 Transport Research Arena 2016 (TRA 2016) BODEGA project presentation by UIC Warsaw, Poland
08 April 2016 BODEGA Rail Field studies with the Belgian Police Thanks to the support of the Belgian Police, UIC had the opportunity to organise the first rail field study on 8 April 2016 in the Eurostar Channel Terminal from Brussels-Midi railway station. As a partner of the BODEGA consortium, UIC is the responsible of the BODEGA field studies. The field study team was composed of Human Factor specialists as well as an expert in ethics, representing CEA, CEIS, the University of Namur and UIC Brussels, Belgium
12 November 2015 BODEGA End-users Workshop 1 Smart Borders, Smarter Border Guards ? How will border control professionals be impacted by the introduction of Smart Borders ? Brussels, Belgium
08 October 2015 eu-LISA annual conference "The future tested: towards a smart borders reality " Tallinn, Estonia
08 July 2015 BODEGA first Air Field visit in France In order to provide Human Factors experts with an overview regarding border guard activities, a visit to Orly (Paris) airport was organized. Thanks to this first field visit, the Human Factors experts were able to produce an initial set of methodology to conduct the next field studies Paris, France
10-11 June 2015 BODEGA kick-off meeting BODEGA kick-off meeting Tampere, Finland